Sunday, 29 May 2011


In a group task, teamwork is the key to success. However, Sometimes, people just don’t see eye to eye in everything because everyone has their own personal opinions and thoughts, hence, conflicts are inevitable. First of all, we were facing trouble coming up with the proper place to meet up as everyone were at different locations. Next, When distributing our jobs and roles, some of us were competing for the same role because certain tasks were easier to handle. Yee Teck Hing and Fiona wanted to write on the orientation part, which is the first step of the team evolution. Besides that, as Shahuma was from another course, business psychology, it was hard to arrange a mutual meeting time initially. It was her exam period and she was very busy. In addition, initially, she was unsure of what needs to be done as she failed to attend the first few classes. Fortunately, after a little explanation, she managed to execute an excellent job. All in all, there wasn’t so much of a conflict but more of inconvenience.

Team Evolution- Brainstorming

During the meeting, after everyone has arrived at the designated meeting spot, we have put our heads together to thinks up of a name for our blog, and to pick out the theme that we want to write in our blogs. At first everyone was hesitant, then Grace Chow suggested, just for the fun of it, to name the blog 'cowpushers'. That got everyone to start thinking of a name then a few other names were thrown on the table. In the end, we all agreed on 'lifes-good', suggested by Fiona Kee and Sim Xuan Chin, to use as the name of our blog with the theme "We only live once" to dictate on how we were to write about our dreams and aspirations.

Team evolution - Orientation

Team orientation is the first stage when forming a team. The team consisting of Teck Hing, Sim, Grace, Fiona and Shahuma was formed during class hours. Introductions were made and there was that usual chaos of heys and hiiizz and number, name and email exchanging. Hehe. It is interesting how everyone tried to keep everyones face and name in order in the first meeting.

Live. Love. Laugh

Yee Teck Hing. Heard of him? Nah, coz you haven’t. He’s just an average joe. Anyhow, here’s the story of the boy who has not accomplish something big in life, JUST YET. Now, where should I begin?


The very first thing you should know about him is, he’s more of a Hedonist, instead of ‘study/work first; enjoy later’, it is the other way around for him. He’s been living sybaritic lifestyle. Actually, he’s just downright lazy.

(see, I told u so)

If there one thing Teck Hing appreciates, it’s definitely beauty.

(No that’s not what I meant pervs!)

Beauty comes in all forms, shapes and sizes, be it music, art, buildings or food. He just loves to enjoy the aesthetic qualities of everyday life. Life is too short not to make the best and the most of everything that comes your way everyday.” - Sasha Azevedo . Speaking of beauty, he discovered his passion for body building recently after watching Transporter 3. Now, he may be a little interested in body building, but don’t go calling him narcissistic. Bodybuilding is both a form of art and a practice of science after all.

Dayum! Would u look at that.

(Don’t get me wrong. I’m not gay :/)

Like i said, he’s is pretty much a hedonist. But unfortunately, he isn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Working is inevitable as money doesn’t fall from heaven. He wants to earn a fortune but he doesn’t wanna move a muscle. Having said that, he’s always been intrigued by the human mind and behaviour. Humans are the most intelligent species on Earth and we have yet to discover the full potential of mankind. Therefore, he wishes to study more of the human mind and behaviour.
It sure took him awhile to realise his ambition, but now he strives to be a successful psychologist. (at least for now)

"If I fail, I try again, and again, and again. If YOU fail, are you going to try again? The human spirit can handle much worse than we realize. It matters HOW you are going to FINISH. Are you going to finish strong?" — Nick Vujicic. One of Teck Hing’s all time hero is definitely Nick Vujicic. With no limbs whatsoever, Nick Vujicic didn’t give up on life. He always says that he loves living. He never gives up. Believe it or not, he actually swims, surfs, and plays golf! Things that almost seem impossible for a man without limbs. Now that’s what I call inspiration.

Are you serious?

Teck Hing lives by 3 L’s, Live, Love, Laugh. Live life to the fullest; Love and treasure the people around you; Laughter is the best medicine. There is a quote, ‘Every man dies. Not every man really lives.’ Makes sense doesn’t it? The world would be a better place if everyone lives by the 3 L’s in his opinion.

Team Evolution - Reinforcement

After going through orientation, conflict, brainstorming and emergence, the state where harmony is re-established among the team members has finally achieved. During the state of reinforcement, team leader has decided to divide the five phases of group development equally to all team members. Likewise, one of the member, Sim Xuan Chi, was assigned to contact the other member who was absent during the meeting. As for blog, Fiona Kee was holding the responsibility of creating one and she was supposed to invite the rest of the team members and grant them admin as well as author privileges. Shahuma and Grace Chow would continue working on their reports and blog posts. On the other hand, Yee Teck Hing would be taking care of all team members’ work and compile them altogether before the printing is done.  

YAY for no arguments! :)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bits of narcissism

This is all about her, Fiona Kee. Age: 20.
Life does feel good when it revolves around love and beauty. Well, that applies to hers at least. Sometimes, when narcissism kicks in, she would literally stare herself into the mirror and begin to put on makeups and mismatching outfits. Whats next? Camwhore mode -on!

Perhaps that makes her a perfectionist when it comes to fashion and beauty issues. Demanding in a way tho. She'd spend a whole day reading posts from fashion bloggers and try getting inspirations from latest celebrities makeups and outfits. Afterall, beauty is so commercialized that plastic surgery is becoming more common than before! I mean, c'mon, have you seen a brand ambassador w/ flabby ass, plump and distorted facial features? LOL.

This is RumiNeely from FashionToast and Chiara from TheBlondeSalad. :D
It is almost unbearable and instantly becomes an eyesore when she sees people w/ shabby outfits. Like ughhh, get back home please. you're killing the atmosphere yo!

One of her dreams in life is to travelling around and being able to grab the front seat rows for countless of fashion shows held by infamous brands such as: Prada, Machesa and Chanel. And for once, she wanted to become a fashion stylist and assist ladies in looking perfect and presentable.

OK okaaay. all these above make her sounded like a materialistic bimbo. But, so what? There's always a fragile side of her who gets emotional easily.
"Your face is like an open book. pretty easy to read about." -anonymous
It's almost inevitable that tears start rolling down whenever she sees video of kids suffering from insuffucient meals and poverty. Like omg. And the urge of giving them financial and educational support has never stopped hitting her. Guess that has pretty much explained why she has signed up for Psychology course. To have a better understanding about human and to becoming a part of UNICEF.
This is an old picture of me taking care of a girl from Yellow House Community.

So anyways, unrealistic as it may seems, she wishes tht she can travel around and come across w/ diff lifestyles. cultures, and FOOOD. She wanna be a food critic so badly as she has a thing for FOOOD. like real picky kind of person. -_- Life will be great if pictures of memories are taken from diff places w/ the one she loves the most! :)

Well, dreams are always good. but who knows if they'd eventually become realistic someday? Life's always changing as we move on. Shall just go with the flow, stay positive and appreciate things that we're having now instead. TADAAAA! =)